2 oz. Vie Water-Based Lubricant WHILE STOCK LASTS

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Water-Based Liquid

Feel the Difference. V Water-Based Liquid Lubricant is our signature product and best selling item; its exquisite natural and gentle silky feel has been compared by many to silicone lubricant. Dermatologically formulated with moisturizing properties, V will never dry out or become sticky. V absorbs naturally into the skin with no film or sticky residue, requiring no clean-up afterwards. You will most likely not need to reapply our products after initial application.

Quality & Innovation. Vie Lubricants believe you will find this product to be the best water-based lubricant in the market in terms of longevity, slipperiness and elegance. This product is water-soluble, non-staining, odorless, colorless and does not bead or drip. We use honeysuckle extract (a natural pure plant extract) to preserve our products.

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