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Бренд: Kheper Games Модель: BGA16
Cursed! is the hilarious card and voodoo doll game that allows you to take out all of life's little mishaps on the other players. You become a voodoo enthusiast by placing curse after curse on players who deserve them the most. The object is to end the game with the fewest pins in your doll. Include..
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Бренд: Kheper Games Модель: NV090
Slow rising 5.5" tall, banana-scented squishy toy for adults. Made of slow rising PU material. Great fun as a party favor, stress relief, or humorous gift. Packaged in a durable and squeezable polybag...
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Бренд: Kheper Games Модель: BGC100
The naughty drinking card game where Drunk Santa requires you to compete against each other while Mrs. Claus busts your ass for being naughty. Vixen and Rudolph help you celebrate your past year’s misdeeds; while Mistletoe, Coal, and Evil Elf cards have you kissing, losing a turn or guiding the grou..
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Бренд: Kheper Games Модель: NV052
Edible body pasties in fun shapes. Many taste like delicious fruit! Get nutty with those hot coconuts!..
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Бренд: Kheper Games Модель: NV051
Edible body pasties in fun shapes. Many taste like delicious fruit! Enjoy them as mouth-watering nipple treats or sample his grapes of wrath!..
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Бренд: Kheper Games Модель: BGA25
What you learn about your friends might scare you, with this very personal game of questions. Players take turns asking the group questions and the first two volunteers share their answers. The group votes for their favorite answer; and that player wins the card as a point. The first player to colle..
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Бренд: Kheper Games Модель: NV060
Pink/F*ck You Sucker - Middle Finger Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup and Artificial flavors and colors..
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Бренд: Kheper Games Модель: BGR164
Adventurous fun, that is two games in one! As you carry out the foreplay actions moving around the board, you might also decide halfway through to turn the lights out. Foreplay actions change based on if you are playing with lighting or in the dark. The first person to reach the end, wins a sex posi..
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Бренд: Kheper Games Модель: BGR126
A seductive game designed specifically for couples to spice up their sex life. Players take turns rolling the dice and then act out the action given. The glow in the dark dice enhance the racy feelings players will experience as you frolic in the dark. The game includes 1 Pink Sex Position Die, 1 Bl..
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Бренд: Kheper Games Модель: BGC36
Did you enjoy playing games like Crazy 8s, Snap! and Go Fish! as a child? If so, you'll love playing Crazy 69s, Sex Snap! and Go F*ck! There are 4 suits and 13 different positions. Game includes: 52 game cards and 2 rule cards Language: English Target Audience: Couples Number of Players: 2..
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Бренд: Kheper Games Модель: BGD25
The VERY fast-paced drinking game where players spin their tops, follow the instructions and pass them on before someone ends up with both tops. Keep it movin' and try to be the last player remaining to Go Topless! Plays like speed quarters but a lot more fun!..
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Бренд: Kheper Games Модель: NV066
Pink/Black Ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, gum base, dextrose, tapioca dextrin, confectioner's glaze, artificial flavors and colors..
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